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Teleflex Marines new Smartstick ® rudder feed back units make outboard autopilots installations easier, less expensive and more robust. | In keeping with its “Energy-Driven” commitment to develop better solutions for boaters and boat builders, Teleflex Marine has introduced SmartStick® — a new autopilot Rudder Feedback Unit that replaces the company’s current product line for tiller position sensing. This innovative system is designed to work with most popular autopilots and a wide variety of outboard powered boats using Teleflex SeaStar® hydraulic steering. Using advanced magnetorestrictive, non-contact linear position sensing technology, SmartStick provides several advantages for autopilot installations on hydraulically steered outboard boats. Integrated electronics eliminate the external “black box” required with the previous system. By eliminating this additional component, SmartStick substantially reduces installation time and cost while improving overall system reliability. With its “potted” electronics and transducer, SmartStick is also an extremely robust system that has been tested and proven in the harsh marine environment. SmartStick’s digital electronics also improve the system’s immunity to “noise” from other onboard electronics and equipment. Digital electronics also reduce the cost for Teleflex Marine to develop customized versions for specific OEM applications. SmartStick can output Frequency Modulation (FM) signals to interface with Simrad/Robertson autopilots, as well as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signals for use with Raymarine, Furuno, ComNav and other popular autopilot brands. The SmartStick sensor is designed to be fixed to the hydraulic cylinder shaft with the mounting brackets, while the magnet is fastened to the cylinder barrel with a gear clamp. The SmartStick kit includes all the necessary mounting hardware for easy installation. Teleflex Marine’s patented core SmartStick technology—using an energized field sensor to detect the position of piston-mounted magnets through the walls of non-ferrous cylinders—lends itself to a variety of custom OEM outputs and applications. Teleflex Marine engineers are developing new ways to use this technology to improve boat usability and performance in the future.


1-AR4502(LIST $355.99)$295.99  Generic Autopilot version

1-AR4502RM(LIST $355.99)$295.99  Raymarine Autopilot version

1-AR4502SI(LIST $355.99)$295.99  Simrad Autopilot version