Hella Marine introduces the new LED Mega Beam deck floodlight, providing all the reliability and power saving advantages of Hella marine LED technology.

This first generation LED Mega Beam is a compact marine floodlight suitable for vessels subject to high vibration, impact and shock loads. Supplied with stainless steel mounting hardware and pre-wired with 2m of marine cable, each lamp is a completely sealed "fit and forget" unit.

Advanced Hella marine optics and LED technology combine to provide high intensity white light for close range homogeneous illumination. Power consumption is 7W (0.58A @ 12V), or 15% of the energy required to operate a 55W H3 halogen floodlight, thus providing substantial power savings onboard. Hella marine MultivoltTM electronics provide consistent illumination and circuit protection across a range of inputs from 9-30V DC for an ultra long service life.

LED Mega Beam floodlights are the answer for energy efficient, completely sealed, shock and vibration resistant illumination.

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