Length X Width (deflated) 80in. X 62in.
Max Capacity 3 Riders
Cover Full Nylon
Tow Point Aluminum Quick Connector

Warning Notice: When using a Sportsstuff towable such as our tow tubes, you are engaging in an exciting action sport with inherent risks. As in any action sport, reckless use, misuse, inexperience and/or neglect of the equipment used in towing a towable including the towable itself may result in serious injury or death. Inspect the towable, and tow rope before you begin towing to insure the safety of your rider(s), failure to do so may result in serious injury or death. Act responsibly, be in good physical condition and only use your towable with the awareness of and the willingness to accept the risks involved. Never allow an inexperienced driver or one that may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol to pull you in any towable, to do so may result in serious injury or death. Never use this item without a spotter and safety flag in the boat along with the boat driver. WE RECOMMEND THE USE OF WATERSPORT SAFETY HELMETS AND USE ONLY COAST GUARD APPROVED LIFE VESTS.

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