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Grab 'n go hook mooring quick connect/disconnect system boaters who routinely tie their vessels to a mooring ring know it's difficult to connect a line to the buoy's eye, and disconnect the line when departing. thanks to Johnson marine's new mooring device, the grab 'n go hook, attachment or removal of the bowline is quick, easy and convenient. The system consists of a track that fits onto the end of any conventional boat hook, and thegrab n' go hook attaches to the boat's bowline. the grab 'n go hook simply slides onto the track mounted on the boat hook allowing the hook to be firmly positioned over the mooring. Pushing down while steadying the line will make the connection to the buoy's eye. Then the boater simply pulls the boat hook away. to disconnect, grasp the grab 'n go hook's specially-designed loop with the boat hook and pull. this allows the boat to slowly float free of the mooring. The grab 'n go hook also eliminates the need to reach for pennants that are oftentethered to many mooring buoys, and the resulting mess that occurs when the slimy pennant and line are brought on deck. The grab 'n go hook is a convenience item and should only be used for temporary or "lunch hook" applications. works great on trailer launches and haul outs too!

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Grab 'n Go Hook
Mooring Quick Connect/Disconnect System
This innovative quick connect/disconnect system allows you to easily pick up and release your mooring with your boat hook. Simply attach the slide hook to the end of your boat hook with the supplied clamp and the Grab 'n Go is easily connected and ready for use.
Boat Hook,BUOY,  and Line not included. Safe Working Load = 600lbs.

JC-48750(LIST $99.99)$89.49