Software, Radar Trainer

 It is one thing to be able to adjust a radar to produce a clear image. But what about interpreting what you see? Are other vessels on a collision course? What's the effect of current on your landfall? How close will you pass by the targets around you? The Starpath Radar Trainer simulates those conditions and hundreds more. You can test your ability to detect a potential collision, or see what your vessel looks like from the ''other guy's'' perspective. 
  • Versatile radar simulator and tutorial for teaching and practicing marine radar observations which are used for navigation and collision avoidance
  • Used by numerous nautical schools and government and private maritime agencies around the country to de-mystify radar navigation
  • Perfect for practicing radar use in your den or boat slip
  • First time users learn skills and seasoned navigators hone their abilities
  • Detailed study of collision avoidance
  • Radar maneuvering in traffic
  • Radar interactions with land


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