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Winterization Checklist

During the winterization process, you are given the perfect time to not only perform the basic requirements, but to also grade the customer’s boat and give recommendations on needed work or potential problem areas.

 Taking some extra time could lead to not only

additional revenue, but a happier customer during the next boating season. Use the following as a general guideline to maximize the winterization process.

Ignition System
Inspect distributor caps, rotors, points and condensers for excess wear and deterioration.
Electrical System
Inspect all electrical connections, wiring, lights and fuses for proper operation and performance. Replace and repair as necessary.
Fuel Systems
Change Fuel Water Separating Filters. Inspect/ change all other fuel filters. Do not compromise on FWS quality; use only a high quality Sierra 10 micron filter such as the 18-7945 or 18-7944.
Stabilize Fuel-Use a fuel treatment designed for today’s ethanol laden fuel such as Sierra’s E-Guard fuel stabilizer.
Fog engine-For maximum protection use Sierra’s unique engine

fogging oil.

Cooling/ Drive Systems
Remove Drive-inspect/replace impeller
Check alignment/ replace outdrive gaskets
Replace gear lube/ inspect and replace drain plug gaskets as


Inspect/ replace anodes
Lubricate all applicable fittings
Inspect all belts and hoses for cracks, swelling or any other visible signs of fatigue.
Flush engine with fresh water and drain. Inspect for leakage within cooling system.
Circulate antifreeze though engine block and manifolds.
Internal Engine
Change oil and filter-Use a high quality Sierra oil filter along with manufacturers specified engine oil type and weight
Hydraulic steering-check the system for any visible signs of leakage or corrosion, fill system with SeaStar steering fluid and check to ensure system is properly purged.
Mechanical steering-check the system for visible signs of corrosion. Ensure that system operates freely.